You Probably Don’t Need Shopify Plus

What Is Shopify Plus Good For?

Checkout Customizations

Additional API’s


Specialized Apps and Channels

  • Wholesale channel — This is Shopify’s first-party method to help you be able to sell and offer a wholesale store. There are numerous non-Plus apps and ways that you can do this as well.
  • Shopify Flow — This is an app for helping you automate some tasks based on various triggers in Shopify. It’s basically Zapier for Shopify. Speaking of Zapier, you can do a lot of these automations like slack and asana integrations in Zapier.
  • Launchpad — This app lets you schedule things like promotions being enabled/disabled, prices updated, or themes swapped out. There are also a few non-Plus apps that provide similar features.
  • Script Editor — This app allows you to script much more complicated promotions and modifications to the payment/shipping methods in checkout than a regular promotion would allow you to. This app is one of the few Plus apps that doesn’t have a non-Plus equivalent because Shopify allows such limited access to the checkout for developers.
  • Transporter app — This is Shopify’s app to help you with import/migrating data from another platform. This app is pretty useful during the migration process, but once you’re already migrated to Shopify, you really don’t need it again. There are a lot of other automated migration options and non-Plus apps out there too.
  • Bulk Account Inviter — This an app that allows you to invite customers to create an account in your new Shopify store. I can imagine this would be used when you migrate from another platform to Shopify and don’t migrate the customers and orders. There are also a few non-Plus apps that do this too.

But Why Is Everyone Else Doing It?



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