How Netalico Helped Oatly SuperCharge Their Subscriptions On Shopify Plus

Many Americans have begun to shift away from their consumption of milk in search of more sustainable, environmentally responsible options.

Enter Sweden-based Oatly. The 25-year-old company processes fiber-rich, sustainable oats into nutritious oat milk without taxing the planet’s resources. The company wanted to create a direct-to-consumer subscription model for its US customers.

The project? Creating a checkout and customer portal that offered a holistic, user-friendly experience without sacrificing quality or merchant requirements.

Oatly partnered with Netalico, a hands-on, merchant-focused ecommerce development agency that collaborates with merchants to build, optimize, maintain, and grow their online stores.

The teams collaborated to take a three-pronged approach that addressed each of the project’s challenges:

  • ReCharge leveraged its expertise in the subscription ecosystem to address a lack of public awareness by implementing a dedicated Oatly Subscriptions Page
  • Netalico overhauled Oatly’s customer portal to offer maximum flexibility so customers could manage their subscriptions and orders
  • The portal included multiple subscription options, an off/on toggle to subscription pages, and clear FAQs that empowered customers to easily manage their subscriptions

Oatly’s value proposition — offering customers convenience, value, and accessibility — has led to a 188% increase in monthly recurring revenue since launching its updates.

“We’re excited about the work that Netalico and ReCharge accomplished together on The ReCharge app is a straightforward platform to work with, and it has been a great subscription solution for our e-commerce website. We wanted to provide our customers with an intuitive and unique account management experience, and the results truly show that this project has been a major success.”


Read more of the case study from ReCharge!

Originally published at Netalico Commerce.



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Mark William Lewis


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