Dear XXXXXX, We are making changes that will go into effect after March 1, 2020, including a change to our current Shopify T
Mistakes were made…

This is strange on so many levels…

To categorize a serious financial change as a “mistake” and try to play it off as no big deal is not a good look for Shopify.

Edit: Stripe stopped refunding their fees in 2017.

This may be a “mistake” in the sense that their accountants didn’t realize that they were refunding fees to merchants and then not getting those fees refunded by Stripe (who Shopify uses for payment processing).


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These days you can’t throw a rock without hitting some new CBD infused product. From coffee to lotion, product designers are creating every kind of CBD product. Despite the proliferation of these products into the marketplace, the permissibility of cannabis-based products across the eCommerce landscape is very unclear and confusing.

Mark William Lewis

eCommerce Web Developer (Magento/Shopify). Remote Worker (currently working from Miami Beach). Business Owner ( Cat Lover (Cookie/Fender).

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